If the stunning view and prime location is the unique selling point of your commercial or residential property, then why not make a feature of your best assets with a glass windbreak system. We can help you choose sleek glass windbreaks that frames the surrounding views, whilst also offering practicality and longevity.

Glass Windbreaks for Outdoor Spaces

Glass windbreaks are a fantastic way of providing shelter on your terrace or veranda, without making the space feel small and confined.

Duckworth Outdoor Solutions can advise on and install a range of glass windbreak solutions. As well as traditional fixed windbreaks we can also provide adjustable glass windbreak systems for additional flexibility, allowing you to change the layout of your space and adapt to the weather conditions.

Available in a range of finishes, a glass windbreak can seamlessly integrate in to the most modern or traditional of settings. Functional layered safety glass gives you the peace of mind that guests, customers and children are safe in your surroundings, whilst coloured, fumed or frosted finishes can visually enhance your glass windbreak system and blend with your outdoor space.

Awning Systems for Glass Windbreaks

Enhance the practicality of your glass windbreak system even further by adding a drop or tension awning to protect you from the elements. Both our glass windbreaks and awning systems can work with existing verandas and pergolas, allowing you to let the warmth sunshine in when the weather is fine, and keep the cold and the rain out or provide welcome shade when nature isn’t on your side.

These practical awnings come in a range of styles and options to suit your outdoor space. You can download our brochure to take a look at some of solutions, or you can give us a call – we’d be happy to advise on the best system to meet the needs of your commercial or residential property.

Sliding Glass Walls for Outdoor Pergolas & Terraces

As an alternative to glass windbreaks, you may consider a full sliding glass door system that combines style and elegance with performance and functionality. The seamless glass doors mean that whether open or closed they always provide maximum scenic impact.

Made from toughened safety glass our sliding door systems provide protection and shelter from the outdoors and are able to withstand wind impact, noise and UV rays. These ultra practical solutions fit into any architectural context, so are equally suitable for both commercial and residential properties.

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