Louvre roofs are a durable, rigid canopy structures that can combine with outdoor pergolas and patios. These hardy systems are ideal alternative to adding an extension to your building, making louvres a great choice for commercial and residential properties alike.

Flexible Outdoor Louvres

Louvre roofs are an excellent choice for those looking to regulate the climate with ease and achieve maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption. The adjustable panelled canopy blades are made from durable, lightweight aluminium that helps generate and regulate heat. The panels are fully motorised, allowing you to seal the roof from wind and rain, or fully open the roof. The blades can also be angled to provide natural ventilation whilst still providing protection from sunlight.

Our bespoke louvres can be designed to blend with your environment, or stand out as a feature. Whether you’re looking to cover a large outdoor space or you are restricted by your surroundings, Duckworth Outdoor Solutions can create a leaning or freestanding louvre system that fits comfortably into your patio or garden. Some of the features of our louvres include:

  • Fully motorised retractable louvre roof systems that regulate heat and ventilation
  • Louvre blades and structures made from made from durable powder coated aluminium, available in a range of colours
  • Louvre roof canopies offer protection from rain and sunlight
  • Louvre blades can be filled with insulation, reducing noise and assisting thermal efficiency
  • Choose from a leaning or self-supporting louvre structure
  • Add sliding glass doors, fabric sides or drop awnings to your louvre, available in a range of colours and styles
  • Guttering and downpipes can be integrated to provide a sleek, modern finish
  • Existing pergolas and patios can be retrofitted with a louvre roof system

  • There are so many configurations available for a louvre system, so why not give us a call and speak to one of our specialists? We can help you determine what sort of louvre or outdoors structure is the best solution for your home or business, with honest and impartial expert advice. We can even tailor a free, no-obligation quotation.

    Louvre Finishing Touches

    Whether you are looking for a louvre to work within the outdoor space of your home or the area surrounding your business, Duckworth Outdoor Solutions can supply a number of optional extras to enhance your finished louvre. Our range of outdoor heating systems can easily be combined with your choice of louvre structure, and we can also supply finishing touches such as outdoor lighting and audio solutions to help you make the most of your new outdoor space.

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    With our range of awnings and outdoor systems, your imagination is the limit. Our designers will help you achieve the bespoke modern or traditional aesthetic you desire for your commercial or residential property.

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    Our design and sales team are trained and armed with the expertise to ensure that your outdoor space not only looks the part, but also offers the functionality required for commercial viability and year-round usage.

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