Complete your space with an outdoor heating system. Whether you’re having a new awning or bespoke terrace installation, or you’re looking to retrofit an existing commercial or residential awning, Duckworth Outdoor Solutions can help you add finishing touches that will guarantee maximum use of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Heating for Commercial Properties

Our patio heating solutions for pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and other commercial properties are extensive. Depending on the nature of your outdoor space we can advise on the best heating solution to meet your commercial demands. Perhaps you’re looking for a constant heat source to enable you to extend your dining space outside, even into the colder months? Or maybe you would like an energy efficient, timed heating system that can react to customer demand? Whatever your objectives we can tailor a bespoke outdoor heating system that works within your business goals. This could include:

  • Freestanding outdoor heating lamps, allowing you the flexibility to move your heating system and alter the layout of your outdoor space
  • Fixed outdoor heating systems that deliver consistent heat and light throughout your outdoor space
  • A range of manual and digital heating control options, including owner-operated timers, customer-operated timers, motion sensors, and Bluetooth outdoor hearing systems – allowing you to control the temperature from your smartphone

  • Outdoor Heating for Domestic Properties

    The same outdoor heating solutions we provide for commercial properties can be scaled-down and fitted to your patio area at home. Our freestanding outdoor heating lamps offer a flexible solution to outdoor comfort – perfect for parties and alfresco dining. Our fixed heating systems are an equally popular choice with customers who really want to get the use out of their patio and awning, all year round. And, our outdoor heating system can be enhanced with a range of control options, including timers, motion sensors, and Bluetooth smartphone applications.

    Whatever style heating system you are looking for, your requirements as a residential property owner are likely to be convince, performance, and cost-effectiveness – all of which we factor in when making our recommendations. Contact us today to discuss your needs; we’d be happy to advise and provide a free, no obligation quotation.

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