Outdoor pergolas are a fantastic solution if you’re looking for a fixed system that still affords you maximum flexibility in both the design and installation, and on-going daily usage. With so many options available a pergola is a truly bespoke outdoor shelter solution – perfect for any commercial or residential application.

Flexible Outdoor Pergolas

Pergolas are simple structures that can either lean against a supporting structure or stand alone, offering protection from both the sun and the rain. Duckworth Outdoor Solutions are experts in designing pergolas that blend seamlessly with your outdoor space. We can install a brand new full pergola to your bar, restaurant, pub, or club, or even your home, or retrofit to an existing structure to meet your specifications.

Our bespoke pergolas offer you complete control over the design and functionality, so you can achieve an outdoor solution that blends with your environment – modern or traditional. Some of the features of our pergolas include:

  • Manual or motorised retractable pergola roof systems
  • Pergola roof canopies that are waterproof and resistant to UV rays
  • Choose from a leaning or self supporting structure
  • Add sliding glass doors, fabric sides, or drop awnings to your pergola, available in a range of colours and styles
  • Integrated pergola guttering and downpipes available for a sleek, modern design
  • New pergola structures can be made from durable powder coated aluminium or hardy laminated pine, both available in a range of colours

  • There really is no limit with a pergola, but don’t let the endless choices put you off. Why not give us a call today and speak to one of our outdoor solutions specialists? We are happy to offer our impartial advice on pergolas and all outdoor structures, to help you arrive at the best solution for your home or business.

    Pergola Finishing Touches

    Whether you are commissioning a brand new bespoke pergola for your home or business, or are retrofitting an existing structure for a more rustic finish, Duckworth Outdoor Solutions have a range of optional extras to add the finishing touches to your pergola. Our outdoor heating solutions can easily be combined with your choice of pergola structure, along with outdoor lighting options and audio systems for the ultimate ambience.

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    Why Use Duckworths?

    We use only the finest quality awning and shading systems on the market for all of our outdoor installations, sourced from a handful of carefully selected manufacturers from across Europe.

    Duckworth Outdoor Solutions is a family run business, still owned and operated by its founding family. We’ve passed on our passion for functional outdoor spaces through the generations.

    With our range of awnings and outdoor systems, your imagination is the limit. Our designers will help you achieve the bespoke modern or traditional aesthetic you desire for your commercial or residential property.

    Take advantage of our technically trained design team who will bring your ideas to life with the optimum awning system for your outdoor space. Our design and quotation service is free of charge, with no obligation.

    We understand that creating an outdoor space for your home or business needs to be commercially viable and delivered on budget, and that’s reflected in our prices. Our awning systems offer both quality and value for money.

    Our installation team really understand the awning systems that they work with, and are technically trained by our suppliers to ensure that all awnings are installed correctly and to specification.

    Our design and sales team are trained and armed with the expertise to ensure that your outdoor space not only looks the part, but also offers the functionality required for commercial viability and year-round usage.

    Duckworth Outdoor Solutions have been designing and delivering bespoke awning systems for residential and commercial properties across the North West and the whole of the UK for over a decade.

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