Create a functional, year-round outdoor space with one of our range of modern and traditional outdoor awnings for commercial and residential properties. We work with some of the finest European suppliers to design, develop and install bespoke outdoor awning solutions for your home or business.

Commercial Outdoor Awnings

Our range of commercial awning options will help you create functional outdoor spaces that meet your business needs. Our commercial patio, terrace, conservatory and window awnings will transform any underutilised outdoor area, or enhance an existing outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to add curb-appeal to your bar, or maximise the profit and seating capacity of your restaurant, our expert design team will work with you to create a bespoke solution that delivers a return on investment.

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Residential Patio Awnings

Our residential awnings are a great solution if you’re looking to create a practical outdoor living space that you can make use of year-round, or if you’re looking for an alternative to an extension of your property. With our outstanding range of patio, terrace, window and conservatory awnings for the home, we can design and install awning systems that will transform the way you use your living space.

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Traditional Victorian Awnings

If you’re looking for an awning system that is in-keeping with the traditional aesthetic of your commercial or residential property, then our Victorian awning systems could be the style for you. Manufactured by Duckworth in the UK, our stunning Victorian awnings are functional and durable, and can be designed and installed to your exact specifications by the specialist at Duckworth Outdoor Solutions.

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Why Use Duckworths?

We use only the finest quality awning and shading systems on the market for all of our outdoor installations, sourced from a handful of carefully selected manufacturers from across Europe.

Duckworth Outdoor Solutions is a family run business, still owned and operated by its founding family. We’ve passed on our passion for functional outdoor spaces through the generations.

With our range of awnings and outdoor systems, your imagination is the limit. Our designers will help you achieve the bespoke modern or traditional aesthetic you desire for your commercial or residential property.

Take advantage of our technically trained design team who will bring your ideas to life with the optimum awning system for your outdoor space. Our design and quotation service is free of charge, with no obligation.

We understand that creating an outdoor space for your home or business needs to be commercially viable and delivered on budget, and that’s reflected in our prices. Our awning systems offer both quality and value for money.

Our installation team really understand the awning systems that they work with, and are technically trained by our suppliers to ensure that all awnings are installed correctly and to specification.

Our design and sales team are trained and armed with the expertise to ensure that your outdoor space not only looks the part, but also offers the functionality required for commercial viability and year-round usage.

Duckworth Outdoor Solutions have been designing and delivering bespoke awning systems for residential and commercial properties across the North West and the whole of the UK for over a decade.

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